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Way to get settings for a bricked unit

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  • Way to get settings for a bricked unit

    Discovered a way to get all the current settings of a device that will not boot. Thought this would be good to share.
    Visited a new client that has a U25xW device that will not load. Looks like it died on the latest update. Felt it was not worth reloading it. Unit is from 2018, memory and drive are too small.
    Put in a new Z4+ appliance and configured for the local LAN IP they had and DHCP for WAN for now. Client has internet. Told them I will see if I can get into the old unit and find any needed settings.
    Found out they have online backups in their Untangle/Arista command center. Downloaded a recent backup for version 16.5.2. On a PC with Windows 10 Pro, created a GEN1 VM in Hyper-V with two interfaces, 2048 Mb of RAM and a 40 Gig HD. Installed NGFW version 16.5.2. Was pleasantly surprised that I could restore the online backup to the newly created VM. Then was able to look at all the custom settings in the previous unit. Applied them all by exporting them from the VM and applying them later to the new Z4+. Preferred this to just uploaded the whole config. Have had units in the past that did not work with a config from dissimilar hardware. I did not know that an online backup could be restored from the UI since it has a different file extender. But it works!