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Preparing for an Upgrade

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  • Preparing for an Upgrade

    I wanted to gather a personal 'best practices' list somewhere, and this is as good as any.
    • "Do Not Automatically Install Upgrades" should be checked. (Note: Turning off Automatic Upgrades does not disable signature & list updates).
    • Do not push the [Upgrade Now] button until you are ready to actually start the upgrade, it is not just a check.

    Getting ready should include:
    • Getting a current System / [Backup] on a client machine and browser {1}, NOT the local NGFW console.
    • Checking "Connect to Command Center" and "Allow secure remote access to support team" on the System / [Support] tab even if you don't normally allow that access.
    • If you have any subscription, Install the Configuration Backup App; and under the [Cloud] tab, "Force an immediate backup now."

    {1} While downloading a .backup file today, I got a message from the Google Chrome browser: "... .backup may be dangerous, so Chrome has blocked it." with no option to override, only this link:

    I did not push the [Delete] Button on the bottom downloads bar (the only one available), and I was left with a "Unconfirmed 645826.crdownload" file in my windows downloads folder. It has the same file size as the successful backup from FireFox, so I assume that if I renamed it, I would have something to use. sheesh.
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    That's a partial download, it happens sometimes just download it again.

    But yes, when we have any upgrade that comes along with a kernel swap, I disable upgrades. When I'm ready to do the upgrade I pull a backup, make sure I have whatever version Untangle installation media ready, and I have the UID documented.

    Then I push the button. And because I'm ready to nuke and pave, I generally don't have to nuke and pave!
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      Originally posted by sky-knight View Post
      That's a partial download, it happens sometimes just download it again.
      No this was a complete download, Chrome just refused to re-name it at the end. That is a new development, and only happened on one out of three initiated from Untangle Command Center. The inconsistency is odd.

      Edit: I did try to download it again, and it did work the second time. huh. You were right.
      Things have gotten so reliable, it can be hard to remember that this is the Internet.
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