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[Develop] A tip how to extend the UI

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  • [Develop] A tip how to extend the UI


    I'm trying to extend 'Config' > 'Network' > 'Advanced' with a tab for RADVD custom options similar to what is possible for DNSMASQ. That way I can specify custom DNSv6 and DHCPv6 servers until Untangle decides to have better IPv6 support.

    Question : is all of Untangle Firewall open source?

    Usually I'm ok at extending/modifing existing projects (like coreboot, partclone or Entware) but I don't know Java project structures very well. E.g. I can't find the code which for DNSMASQ saves the custom options to /etc/dnsmasq.conf. The UI part itself and getting it to be saved to network.js is only a few lines of code.
    But observing the uvm.log I do see DnsMasqManager and RadvdManager classes for which I can'f find the code.

    If everything is open source could someone point me into the right direction? If not everything is open source then that does also answer my question


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    Did nobody ever try to extend that part of Untangle? Or at least: Is the UVM all open source?


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      It is solved, that functionality is part of an Untangle Python3 package called 'untangle-python3-sync-settings'. Haven't found the source on github yet but can do the changes locally or by changing and repackaging the DEB package found in their repo.

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