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My Old server crashed, or moving to a different HW, what is the best policy?

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  • My Old server crashed, or moving to a different HW, what is the best policy?

    If your HW crashed, or you are moving to a new HW, here are some helpful tips.

    1) Have your old and the new UID (key) handy.
    If you HW crashed, it is tough to get the key, however you can login to, login with your store credentials, left hand side, my subscriptions. You should see all your subscriptions with UID (key).
    2) Having a configuration backup of your old server (if you are planning on restoring from it) would be a good idea. (config, system, backup) Or if you have the Configuration Backup installed, we can provide you the backup config file.
    3) Install the new HW with the latest Untangle software. Install the Open Source package, and the free 14 day trial.
    4) Do the subscription transfer from the old server to the new. Here is the link to the tutorial on how to do this.
    5) Do the configuration restore if you want to restore the settings from the old box. (config, system, restore)

    ***If you are using just the Open Source package, you may not have a store account. Typically, the store account is created when you are purchasing the paid subscription or you are a reseller for Untangle.***

    backup and restore is meant for the same version and hardware; we do not guarantee everything will work when restoring to new hardware or a new version of Untangle.
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