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Support for self-hosted command center?

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    Originally posted by WebFooL View Post
    Now you give me something I need but in away that feels just weird and that someone drop a few balls..
    Guess that it is not design with any End user involved.
    Let's be honest here, that's default Untangle...
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      Originally posted by sky-knight View Post
      Let's be honest here, that's default Untangle...
      The fun thing is that this forum still has a few active users with a rather big/wide knowledge on what the product is used for and what the end user want.

      And most of us give that information freely and getting hold on us are not that hard.

      So one have to ask why are they not willing to use the platform/center of knowledge?

      My guess is that they have a clear road-map on what they want the product to be and that is probably not the same that I need.
      I do believe they want the best for Untangle Inc but they don't want to be "special" or unique or even focus on the end users need.

      O well hope I'am wrong and if any of the UT staff see this and want to have a word with me I have always answers your emails/phone calls etc so you probably have my contact info if you want a word.
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