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    I keep getting this notification. When I check Arista ETM it says APPLIANCE OFFLINE. Reboot didn't help. I deleted web browser (Chrome) cache and cookies. Is there something going on with Amazon AWS where ETS is hosted? What could be the problem? I checked Troubleshooting and the test on port 80 is successfull but on port 443 just failed.
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    Please also see attached picture. Sometimes test failed on port 443 and then again successfull. Strange.

    Click image for larger version

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      Appliance online now


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        Did you look at this thread ?


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          Thanks, I missed that one. Much appreciated.


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            The referenced thread appears to have been deleted. I have the same message and cannot figure it out for the life of me.


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              It seems like you are encountering a persistent notification related to Arista ETM, which indicates that the appliance is offline. Despite attempting a reboot and clearing your web browser cache and cookies, the issue persists. You suspect that there may be an issue with Amazon AWS, where ETS is hosted. It is worth investigating whether any ongoing issues or maintenance activities are affecting the service. Additionally, the failed test on port 443 suggests a potential problem with secure connections. Troubleshooting steps can be helpful in diagnosing the problem further. It may be beneficial to reach out to the technical support team for Arista ETM or Amazon AWS to seek assistance in resolving the issue and restoring the proper functionality of the appliance.