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Forum Solicitation Guidelines

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  • Forum Solicitation Guidelines

    In order to keep a good atmosphere around the forums I think it would be good to openly state our policy around resellers and solicitation of good/services/customers on the forums.
    Obviously many people who are on the forums are resellers of untangle goods and services. Thats great - we want that.
    We want to avoid conflicts among resellers and we want new forum members to be welcomed and to get help as quickly as possible with no commercial strings attached.

    As such, we DO NOT allow "active" solicitation on the forums.

    What is "active" solicitation?
    - The posting of your offerings/deals/bargains/new sales etc.
    - Responding to a poster's questions with the offer of a commercial good/service/bargain
    - PMing users offering your services.

    We DO allow for "passive" solicitation.

    What is "passive" solicitation?
    - posting a link to your business in your signature and the like.
    - putting your logo as your avatar

    We'll continue to refine this policy as necessary and we'll differentiate between "passive" and "active" solicitation where necessary.
    To this point - I think everyone has been really excellent, but I just want to state our policy clearly should any issues arise.

    Untangle will do its best to conform with and enforce these rules.

    The rules do not apply to the "Commercial Zone" subforum. Commercial entities are allowed to post offerings there and users can interact directly with vendors there.
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