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Feature Requests and Bug Reports

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  • Feature Requests and Bug Reports

    Feature Requests and Bug Reports

    If you have an idea on how we can make Untangle products better, please create a feature request at You can also click on “Suggest Idea” from the interface of any of our products. In addition, you can vote for features requested by other Untangle users. The more votes a feature gets, the more we see that it's important to our users, and this helps us prioritize what to work on.

    Feature requests are welcome at any time. Please be sure to give us enough information. Tell us what, why and who it is for. Example use cases are very helpful.

    If you find a bug, report it in the suitable forum. Our technicians will review and create a bug fix if appropriate. Tell us how to reproduce it, and what the expected behavior is. Include the version you are using, and any related configuration information.

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    Update: You will need to be logged into your Untangle account to view/vote/add feedback.