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Issues with downloading updates

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  • Issues with downloading updates

    Hey, gang! If your ETM device tried to update itself recently, or if you tried to manually update it, you may have run into some trouble downloading the update. We're aware of the issue and working on it, but at the moment there is no immediate resolution and no workaround: the only thing to do is wait it out. We'll update this thread as the issue develops.

    Please note that Support cannot fix this issue for you. You're welcome to submit a ticket, but be aware that their response will be the same.

    As of the time of this writing, there are approximately 37,000 NG Firewall instances out in the world. That's why we always roll out updates in stages: if we let all of them update at once, our upgrades server would probably catch fire. Because 16.6 is an OS-level upgrade, it's a fairly large download, which requires more time for each download to complete; this means that there's more of a tendency for individual upgrades to 'stack up' and cause performance issues. Ultimately, you get what we're seeing here: too many downloads slows the server down, which cascades until the point where it can't handle the number of requests.

    15 Feb 2023, 10:15 PST: Updates have been disabled in order to give us some room to investigate.
    22 Feb 2023, 06:00 PST: The update service remains disabled and will not offer the upgrade to any new units. If your NG Firewall had already been offered the upgrade, it will continue to retry until the upgrade completes. The 'interrupted upgrade' admin alert in the UI is not catastrophic in this case and can be safely disregarded.

    7 Mar 2023, 14:00 PST: This issue is slowly working itself out: as of now, approximately 60% of NG Firewall installations have upgraded to 16.6. Updates may continue to fail or to complete slowly, but progress is being made!

    29 Mar 2023, 14:00 PDT: This should be all set now. We're showing nearly all NG Firewalls with automated updates enabled have upgraded now. Thanks for your patience and understanding!
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