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Stop Charing for GPL Product in Home Licenses

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  • Stop Charing for GPL Product in Home Licenses

    I wanted to recommend removing paywalls for plugins like Wireguard when it comes to home licenses. I understand there's some R&D and maintenance of the plugin from the enterprise perspective which justifies charging for GPL software integrations at that level. For my purposes as a home user though, it seems ridiculous to have to pay $150 for software I can get for free. As a home user the only value add for Untangle over say pfSense is the user interface and $50/mo are already borderline too much for the added convenience. If you NEED to charge for it to justify upkeep of that user interface, then at least allow al-a-carte addon selection in the standard home license (I don't use HTTPS packet inspection, so the full featured virus blocker module is useless to me anyway).

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