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Random crashes after upgrade to 16.6.2 from 16.5.2

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    I was just asked by tech support to share this thread. I guess they dont even monitor their own forums anymore.


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      ​You can see in the screen grab here, my upgrade from 16.5 to 16.6, the reboot, then the CPU going bonkers after things got spun up... then me turning off IDS and it calming down, then me removing IDS, reinstalling it, and re-configuring it. IDS is online now, and CPU is back to normal.

      So if your CPU went nuts post upgrade, I suggest reinitializing the IDS module, it seems to have cured my unit. It's still using more CPU, but it's in the category of what I'd expect for upgrades over time, not orders of magnitude like it started.

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        I've spent the last day and a half tearing my hair out (including hours spent on associated trouble with my Ubiquiti switches and APs) before finally plugging a monitor into my Untangle router and noticing it rebooting periodically. I've now disabled IDS and it's been stable ever since. Reinstalling and re-enabling IDS caused a hard reset within seconds, so that hasn't proven a solution to this issue for me.

        I likewise upgraded to 16.6.2 from 16.5.2 yesterday, I'm running Home Protect Basic on an HP T730 with a 250GB Samsung 860 EVO M.2​ SSD (bought October 2021). Multiple Memtest86+ runs passed without errors.
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          I had this same issue with 16.6..2 and the tech "support" was laughingly, insultingly bad. Also blaming my issue on "hardware". It's a VM, you muppet. So sky-knight thanks so much for your insight here. I just upgraded again with IDS off and my resources also are not haywire like before.

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          In terms of support griping , just last week I called for a reports issue, the guy ran a command on CLI and ended up completely breaking my entire install, so I had to restore from a backup. He couldn't have cared less.
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            We've identified the performance issue with IPS and we will be fixing it in the next release of version 17 which we will publish soon. Thanks for your feedback.


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              I hope v17 fixes more problems than it introduces.

              My clean-installed 16.6.2 out of the blue rebooted once about 9 days ago. I haven't changed anything and have kept IPS enabled. So far it hadn't reoccurred.