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Grupos Open VPN solo a una red

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  • Grupos Open VPN solo a una red

    Buenos dias Que tal va todo?

    espero que bien.

    aprovechando estos días raros, estoy intentando reorganizar las conexiones, limpiar un poquito... y estoy intentado, que con un untangle, al conectar por vpn, dependiendo del grupo donde están los usuarios, solo puedan acceder a una red interna, hay manera de hacerlo?

    he intentado varias cosas pero no termino de conseguirlo, alguien me da alguna pista por favor?

    muchas gracias!

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    buenos dias!

    A nadie se le ocurre ? gracias!


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      No tengo presente aca la configuracion, pero creo recordar que podes elegir que redes exportar a cada cliente de vpn
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        No veo exactamente donde hacerlo... me podrias guiar un poco? gracias!


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          A map of your network would be helpful.
          Assuming you don't mean 'no internet', but restricted to a subnet? There is no way to do that by groups, it would have to be done per client configuration.

          This seems to be achievable, but requires expertise. You will have to manage that.

          Networks need to be exported, for routing. That is normally done to all of the clients.

          It would be helpful for you to have a good understanding of OpenVPN .ovpn/.conf configuration files

          EDIT OUT:
          A clunky work-around is to export the network needed for a client, and create that client configuration.
          change the exported network to what is needed for the next client, and download that configuration,
          and so on
          EDIT: sorry, that idea won't work, the server pushes that routing info to the client machine at connection time.
          You will have to find a way to do this in the client configuration file to do what you want.
          There is much more detail at the OpenVPN site:

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