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How to parse a complexe XML file

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  • How to parse a complexe XML file

    Could you please tell me How I can access for Definition and Price values using untangle, I got always errors messages like AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute

    HTML Code:
    			<Program fragmentId="7cc4" fragmentVersion="100" xml:lang="Eng">
    				<Program cr="tes2354502"/>
    					<Genre href="metadata:" type="other">
    						<[B]Definition[/B] xml:lang="Eng"></Definition>
    					<Genre href="2010:profile" type="other">
    						<Definition xml:lang="Eng">MPEG</Definition>
    						<PurchaseItem start="2016-09-05T19:00:33.253Z" end="2021-09-05T14:35:00Z">
    							<[B]Price[/B] currency="EUR">0</Price>
    								<PurchaseType href=":availabilityWindow"/>
    								<PurchaseType href="productCrid">
    						<BitRate maximum="3750000">3750000</BitRate>
    							<MixType href="ioPresentationCS:2010:3">
    								<Name xml:lang="en">Stereo</Name>
    								<Definition xml:lang="en">Stereog</Definition>
    							<Coding href="urn:CS:2001">
    								<Name xml:lang="Eng">MPEG2-TS</Name>
    					<MemberOf xsi:type="MemberOfType" cr="-8dde-f33302c3918f"/>
    					<OtherIdentifier type="Vod" organization="ntis" authority="tis">83c8-8dee2531d018</OtherIdentifier>
    					<OtherIdentifier type="PAID" organization="ntis" authority="eventis"></OtherIdentifier>

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    This has nothing to do with the Untangle product

    Are you maybe looking for this product instead:


    If so, try asking your question over on Be sure to include the python code you've tried.
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