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  • User Guidelines

    Welcome to the Untangle Forums!

    Please invest a few minutes into reading the rules and guidelines below. This will improve your experience and you'll get much better help.

    1. Keep it civil. No personal attacks. No trolling.
    2. No spamming, active solicitation, or promoting competitive products

    Untangle reserves the right to ban any users and remove posts that violate the guidelines.

    Untangle forum guidelines:

    1) Participation in these forums is on a volunteer basis. Help is provided by community members like yourself on their own time. Untangle customers with support entitlement should use support for help. While there are Untangle employees here, they are here for the most part on their own time.

    2) Please search before posting. Most questions have already been asked and answered.

    3) Try searching on our online support page, or use the help button in any of our products. Help is contextual, and will open the documentation for the specific settings of the administration UI screen you are viewing.

    4) Advocating for competitive products in this forum is prohibited and posts that do advocate or promote competitive products will be removed.

    5) Mean or threatening comments are prohibited, and may be removed. Please don’t hold us ransom that you will go to a competitive product if we don’t deliver your feature. We welcome all feedback and work through features requests as best we can with our small team at Untangle. When prioritizing, we use, so please add your features, and vote often in this community.

    6) If you are asking a network related question. Draw a network diagram. and provide online tools to draw easy diagrams.

    7) Provide enough detailed information. Describe what happens and what you expect and want to happen and how that is different. You can start by describing what you see on your screen and how it differs from what you expect to see. If your post includes "not working" or "does not work", then you probably have not described your issue fully.

    8) Ask a question. This may seem obvious, but it is a common issue. A collection of statements is not a question. Ask your question explicitly, and don’t fall into the trap of thinking it is obvious or implied.

    9) If you want help, start your own thread. Do not post your question in another thread and expect help.

    10) Don't obfuscate or provide fake information. ("a.b.c.d" and "x.x.x.x" are not valid IPs). It’s hard enough helping with partial information.

    11) Don't double post or bump. If you don't get any responses, read the above rules again. If you really need to bump, figure out which of the above guidelines you didn't meet and post that information.

    12) Getting help online is not always easy. If you work in technology, it can be an absolutely invaluable skill. It is a worthwhile investment to read this guide and this article. Most of these suggestions apply to the Untangle forums. If you don’t follow these guidelines, many people simply won't respond.
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