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Micro Edge version 5 now available for automatic upgrade

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  • Micro Edge version 5 now available for automatic upgrade

    Micro Edge 5.0 is now available and will begin automatic upgrades. Depending on your upgrade configuration you should see the new release upgraded within the next few weeks. Note that we phase upgrades so some installs may receive the upgrade sooner than others.

    As a reminder from previous posts regarding the beta versions, Micro Edge 5.0 adds the following features:
    • Application Control - Administrators can now view the full list of available applications with descriptions and categories.​
    • Events - Micro Edge generates a variety of important system, security, and other status related events and sends these events to your ETM Dashboard account. You can configure alert rules to forward these events to your email, mobile device, Slack account ...
    • Status Analyzers - You can manage the IP address targets used on WAN interfaces to determine link performance and availability in order to fine-tune your WAN and VPN tunnel status determination.​
    • Network Discovery - You can manually initiate a network scan rather than waiting for the next interval.​​
    This release also includes a few minor bug fixes which are detailed in the Release Notes.​​

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    Is there anything different between this release and the 5.0Beta we have been running? If it's nothing crazy I will update my 3 e6 and e6wl appliances tonight.


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      There are a few bug fixes between the beta and GA release.