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  • e3 Replacement - EOL

    Anyone know the story with the e3 and e3w devices? There's no new hardware to fit this use case. Is this planned? The only option now is to pay full price for EOL equipment that is sitting in stock, and then have to explain to customers that the device you sold them is on borrowed time for any support going forward.

    Sorry for the snark, but I've also been trying to have this conversation with my rep for weeks now, only to find out they aren't even at Arista anymore. No follow up from anyone else. Also contacted inside sales, no response. Crickets from the sales team....

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    With the development of more features, the e3 has reached its limits. At this point we have not found a suitable replaceable at this price point.
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      I figured that might be the case. The information you listed shows end of support in Dec 2025, but the website is showing this document which states it is Sep 2024.

      I think I understand now that the one I linked is the "policy" but it's very confusing because this is what is linked from the store page, and makes it seem like the device is already being end of support in Sep 2024.


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        Thanks for your feedback. We'll update the policy page to make it more clear that the dates in the sample table are just example dates.


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