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UT secure cert overriding mail server cert

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  • UT secure cert overriding mail server cert


    I switched UT from bridge to router mode early this morning and am ironing out some details.

    I have a secure cert for UT ( as well as our mail server behind it ( Some clients who have been successful getting to the mail server before today are having problems.

    Their brows is throwing a cert mismatch error as it is seeing as a cert rather than

    I have Port forwarding rules in place for the mail server on the usual ports (including 80 & 443). I also have bypass rules in place for the public destination address of the mail server and ports 80 & 443. Finally I have NAT rules to map the internal IP of the mail server back to the public IP address.

    Any suggestions on what is happening?



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    Well I hate when this happens. Client ran some errands and when he came back the problem went away. Not sure how that happened, but hopefully it stays gone.



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      Make sure you've moved Untangle's HTTPs port off 443, if you don't you can't forward the traffic.

      *Edit* didn't notice what forum this was again... note JCoffin's question below. If SDWAN ignore me!
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        Are you sure you are using SDWAN (This forum title) or NGFW from Untangle?
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          Yes, been using NGFW for about 4+ years now. Got it sorted out via tech support though, along with some other issues. Thanks!



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            just to chime in on this, while I have experienced this, it was a different way. If you have a full tunnel enabled for an OpenVPN connection you are connecting to, I have the same certificate issue described above, only while connected to the OpenVPN connection though. I have had no issues as long as Full tunnel is not enabled. This is in regards to port forwarded services that you are accessing through the VPN connection instead of the WAN... I did not notice this in past releases of Untangle, only within the past 1-2 years.

            While it is the same error, I thought since I had experienced something similar, I would post it here.