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connect 2nd router to untangle

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  • connect 2nd router to untangle

    how would i go about connecting a 2nd router to my untangle firewall? my 2nd router is a netduma R2 router and want to connect it to my main home router. the netdumas does not have Ap mode and want to connect my gaming pc to the netduma and use there Geo system for gaming

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    Turn off DHCP on the additional router. Then give it an IP within the same subnet (dhcp range) as the main router, but from a range that won't be used. So if your main router is and uses for dhcp, then give this router an address like Then connect the additional to your network via a LAN port rather than the WAN port. Also, make sure the wireless settings on additional router are EXACTLY the same as on the main router.

    But the fact you call them routers and talk about two of them has me worried you're either in a double-NAT situation or have UT setup in bridge mode, neither of which is desirable.
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