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Miracast through different vLAN

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  • Miracast through different vLAN


    Recently I have gotton a LG Smart TV that support Miracast. The TV is connected to my IoT vLAN 14. My laptop is connected to vLAN 10. I'm not able to cast from my Windows laptop to the TV. I read online to enable igmp-proxy. However, i could not find this setting. Wanna check if anyone has any idea to get Miracasting to work over different vLANs. Thanks in advance.

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    This is what VLANs are supposed to do. Creating boundaries for this kind of traffic is a one (of several) of the main reasons we use them.

    The typical solution for poking very specific discovery holes across vlan boundaries is called a Bonjour Gateway or mDNS Gateway. This is a separate piece (not part of ETM) that needs to go in the network, and implementing it correctly can be tricky.

    Personally, I'd like to see the ETM product include a module for this, but only for vlans (tagged interfaces) and networks that terminate at the ETM. If you have a network that terminates vlans separate from the ETM, I think it would go beyond its scope and create complexity (and potentially security) issues to allow it as a generic service. At this same time, though, this is a not a trivial undertaking, so it's also reasonable they haven't done this.

    Additionally, remember the home market is more of an afterthought here. Enterprise networks (which Arista absolutely is targeting) tend to have separate so-called layer-3 switches for terminating vlans.

    Ugh, I just saw this was in the MicroEdge, rather than ETM part of the forums. Still, most of the reasoning remains sound.
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