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QOS / Bandwidth Limitation

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  • QOS / Bandwidth Limitation

    I tried to figure out on my own but keep coming up short. Is it possible to limit bandwidth? I feel like the only option is to set priorities with the QOS feeature, which is a great feature as that is a must for any real QOS solution but bandwidth limiting is a must for me as well. Let's say I want VLAN100 (WiFi Guest) to have 5Mb/s by 5Mb/s bandwidth only. How do I achieve it?

    I only see "Limit Rate" under "Add Conditions/Others" but that's on the condition side and not the action side.

    I can't wrap my head around the rules just yet despite going through here.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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    If the SDWAN instance is not licensed, then QoS is disabled so no limiting is possible. You can limit bandwidth on the WANs but not on shaping rules. Shaping rules are for priority only.

    NGFW product does allow limiting based on a percentage of the bandwidth available.
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      Is that a feature that is in the works or will it never be implemented? I think priority is a must but bandwidth limitation option is equally important.

      I'm a noob when it comes to these concept, I have limited experience and never dabbled into router + utm topology. So if I were to marry SD-WAN router with NGFW, how does that work? Do I completely isolate SD-WAN router on a separate VLAN and just assign 1 WAN interface for the NGFW to be in that same VLAN? Or expose SD-WAN to each and every VLAN Subnet and have them operate as .1 and .2 and let DHCP point to .2 (NGWF)?


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        Another question, how are "Lowest Latency" and "Lowest Jitter" classified? Let's say I want VoIP traffic to always be utilized by the lowest latency WAN link but is that latency measured between me and the VoIP provider or is the SD-WAN router just pinging some hardcoded IP or something? I hope it's not the latter as my WAN01 connection could experience no latency to the hardcoded IP yet it could be totally unusable at that given time for VoIP purposes - at the same time, WAN02 could be doing really bad with the hardcoded IP yet be totally suitable for the VoIP traffic at that given time.

        What is the polling period? Is it adjustable?

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