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Highest Available Bandwidth - Rule Question

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  • Highest Available Bandwidth - Rule Question

    I have 2 QOS'ed WANs trying to figure out how the Highest Available Bandwidth rule is weighted.
    Wan 0 is a 100Mbps x 10 Mbps
    Wan 1 is a 20 Mbps x 5 Mbps

    I am noticing when I have Best Wan (Highest Available Bandwidth) enabled many times the slower Wan 1 is being favored. So this brings me to how is this weighted does it take in other aspects like Latency jitter or packet loss? or is it just a hard number? Thanks for any help you all can provide.

    The link I am using to lookup policies if there is a better one please share.

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    You can check the WAN Routing report to verify which rule and policy applied to the session. It is possible to add criteria to your WAN Policies, but otherwise only the Highest Available Bandwidth metric should be considered. Micro Edge uses sticky balancing to make sure that applications work properly when balanced, so this may explain some anomalies.
    If you are finding that the behavior is obviously not following your rules and policies please open a support ticket to track down what's going on.