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Complex Ad Blocker rule - is it possible?

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  • Complex Ad Blocker rule - is it possible?

    Is it possible to write a rule such that I can "pass" a specific ad server, for only one specific client on the network, instead of globally for all clients?

    My wife works for the schools, she subscribes to and uses a ton of their stuff with her kids, including games. This site apparently serves their games from a well known ad server, Ad Blocker blocks this by default, which breaks the games. If I add this domain to the Pass List then the games work, but that also enables this domain for the entire network. I suppose I could unblock it in Ad Blocker, then make a compound rule in Web Filter to block it for all except her machine, but that just makes management complicated and messy. Can I do it somehow in Ad Blocker since this is where the issue originates?

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    You can do it with policy manager (the wife's machine gets a different policy). This is no less complicated the Web Filter solution, but it's "cleaner", in that it also sets you up to make other exceptions for your wife's machine in a more reasonable way.
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      Ah great idea, thanks! I'll check it out and decide if it's worth the added complexity.