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cannot find branding manager anywhere

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  • cannot find branding manager anywhere

    I have isntalled the Premium package, and everything appears as it should, but no branding manager. I have looked in the rack, and in the administration pages. I also don't see a license for it listed in my account settings. How can I get it to be licensed as part of that package? Do I have to uninstall everything?

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    Is this a trial or purchase install? Branding manager is not in the trial of premium package.
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      That would explain it then. Its the trial, and I am most likely going to be purchasing. I just wanted to play while in the trial. Thanks for answering the question.


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        The problem with the branding manager is that it doesn't "undo" changes when it expires. You just loose the ability to adjust them anymore. So if you could trial it, you'd never need to buy it!
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