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Authentication of ALL users on Captive Portal

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  • Authentication of ALL users on Captive Portal

    Hallo there

    I have installed my Untangle as a VM in one of my server machine and it works fine. So it is the internet connection directly to the Windows Server, then to Untangle (being VM on the server) then out to feed my local devices through my TP Link "internal" router. However, I have noticed that the "Captive Portal" authenticates only the 1st user on the router then the rest does not need to authenticate.
    The question is: How do I get "ALL" users to authenticate instead of the "Device" being my internal router where only the first user do and then everything else is online

    Thanking you ahead

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    If you have a router between NGFW and the clients, MAC addresses do not cross routers. NGFW will only see one MAC address from all the clients.
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      Hi All.

      I wonder if anyone could assist. The Captive portal works fine on my Dlink Ap when using it without Vlans.

      However when I setup Vlans One per SSID the portal doesnt seem to work even tho the Vlans are functioning correctly - Different Ips per SSID works fine.

      Any help wopuld be appreciated.



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        Untangle must have a route to each vlan.
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          Originally posted by jcoehoorn View Post
          Untangle must have a route to each vlan.
          Like a policy