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  • Webpage not available

    I've had some new devices rolling into BYOD recently that experience a
    "Webpage not available"

    I believe it's due to DNS privacy settings set as "Automatic" on the devices I'm seeing.

    The webpage at http://untangle.example.local/capture could not be loaded.

    Is there a recommended exception to resolve this issue, or am I looking at a configuration issue on my end?

    SSL inspector, or web filter?

    Thank you.

    EDIT- In the meantime I've manually added the username to the device in devices, but looking for a way to make it so users can reach captive portal more easily.

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    Most likely they are running DNS over HTTPS. You may have to check the sessions blocked and allow those sessions through captive portal.
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      Thanks, I was thinking if I set them to pass, then it wouldn't trigger a response for the portal to present itself.
      The block rule triggered was "capture unauthenticated" - I'm not seeing any issue present in the report.

      I ticked this setting - "Always use HTTPS for the capture page redirect"

      Maybe that will hook me up?