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New to Untangle - how do I view blocked incoming traffic?

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  • New to Untangle - how do I view blocked incoming traffic?

    Hi everyone. I'm just getting set up with this so please bear with me. If I understand correctly Untangle comes with the typical *block all in* *allow all out* rule. I'm used to peeking at the blocked attempts/addresses (usually just bots probing my ip) but I'm not having much luck finding that area. Can you help? I'm doing Reports -> Firewall -> Blocked Events and that page has no entries. Thank you.

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    The Firewall app operates at layer 7, so it has no bearing on anything blocked at layer 3.

    The Report you're looking for is Reports > Network > Blocked Sessions, which logs anything blocked at layer 3. However, that logging is disabled by default; it's almost entirely meaningless and mostly just takes up hard drive space. You can enable it in Config > Network > Advanced > Options, at the very bottom, but my advice is don't leave that enabled for long.
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