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W4 or Z4 have remote management?

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    Originally posted by sky-knight View Post

    Because it can be properly shutdown via a script from a properly managed UPS? They don't have to do everything for you, and backup is built into the subscription. Besides, do you really want the ability to power down your router via USB device? That's another slew of issues! (apcupsd isn't a panacea)

    But I suppose setting up certificate based authentication on the root account, properly and securely configuring the access rules to enable SSH from the trusted location, and making use of a plink single command script via the above to actually cleanly shutdown the OS remotely from within Powerchute is just too hard for some folks.

    Some folks I'll just flat out say right here right now, don't deserve to call themselves IT professionals. This is 101 level stuff, and no one should have to do it for you. Network equipment needs management in a power down scenario, ALL OF IT. Untangle is no exception, Unifi is no exception, Aruba, Threatwall, Watchguard, WHATEVER doesn't matter! How an engineer integrates all that is hard, and it matters. But this is also why everyone else took all real functionality off the box and put it in the cloud. But even still with simpler systems like USG and Sonicwall you wind up with power related issues from time to time.

    I live in a place with constant power faults. I put Untangle on a good surge strip, with offsite backups built in, and local users trained to push a power button when they come in the morning after a storm. I have very little down time, it's only the larger environments that want to invest in the top part of this post. So you don't even have to go as hard as what I just indicated to be successful, most of my installs don't!

    I just don't want to see people enabling machines to autopower up after a fault. That usually results in corrupted databases and a mandated format and restore. That's even more time than driving over there to push a power button until someone local with access gets it.

    Disaster Recovery doesn't mean a tech solution, sometimes the best solution is a human brain with a solid plan on paper. Indeed, I prefer the latter it's far more flexible!
    This is just insane. Are you saying that the unit turning on automatically after a power loss would corrupt it? An the solution is to train local users to turn it on? What about other systems that rely on the unit functioning like surveillance cameras, backups, should they be down until someone returns at over a long weekend?