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Arista Q4 Stopped Working - Can't Navigate into Internet

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  • Arista Q4 Stopped Working - Can't Navigate into Internet

    Hello all,

    Recently we installed an Arista Q4 Appliance, since then (about 2 weeks), it's been stopping working. We have remote OpenVPN connection configured to a main Site and suddently every traffic over the tunnel stop working.

    We can ping the appliance, some times we can login into the appliance, but some other times it remains there forever and never brings the Logging Screen.

    At some point (when we can log in) we can ping any site IP address or their URL name and also the DNS test replies back the remote URL public IP Address. But we can not navigate into the Internet. It is necessary to restart the appliance to make it work.

    We are not sure if it is a hardware and/or firmware failure.

    We can directly connect into the Internet Circuit Router, and from there we can navigate into the Internet, but not from the local network behind the firewall.

    Can you bring any help into this issue?


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    After restarting the Q4 appliance, everything comes back to normal and remote OpenVPN Site-to-Site connection is reestablished.

    We tried to upgrade the appliance to its latest version, but I found it is already at the latest firmware version.

    While the unit was unnaccesible, I opened the browser, went into the appliance IP address, enter the logging credentials, but it remained there forever trying to access the main screen (Dashboard), at some point it entered into the Dashboard, but naviagation from one page to another (into the configuration) was impossible.

    I am under the impression, it is a failure unit.

    How can we determine this and process an appliance replace.