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  • Qemu-Guest-Agent install

    i am trying and testing arista ETM in proxmox hyperconverged cluster, now i am stuck in qemu-guest agent with the latest 16.6.0. i am able to install in 15.1, but in the current version error is comming of missing dependencies of "liburing1", kindly anybody help ? how to install it ?

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    15.1 used a different base OS, Debian 10 'buster'. 16.6 is built on Debian 11, 'bullseye', which may not have the same packages as the older version. I'd verify that Proxmox is able to support Debian 11 first, then be sure to select that OS during the install process.
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      Proxmox definitely supports debian 11. In fact it is based on debian 11 and more up to date than untangle. I installed qemu-guest agent with no problem on the first release of the iso.

      You can install liburing1
      dpkg -i liburing1_0.7-3_amd64.deb​
      [root @ homeuntangle] ~ # dpkg -l |grep qemu
      ii  qemu-guest-agent                        1:5.2+dfsg-11+deb11u2                                            amd64        Guest-side qemu-system agent​
      [root @ homeuntangle] ~ # dpkg -l |grep liburing1
      ii  liburing1:amd64                         0.7-3                                                            amd64        Linux kernel io_uring access library - shared library​
      There is an old thread or two about optimizing proxmox also. At one time I think i read untangle used proxmox. Would be nice if they put up a wiki or something.

      Good luck


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        thanks for the reply , i will try this out tomorrow and get back to you people if i get any problem , hope untangle technical team should consider adding this to there repository, as i am using proxmox with untangle for past three years (with 15.1, but now want to upgrade it with new hardware) , without any issue . hope they listen to the request.


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          hi, thank you for helping me to install the qemu-guest-agent, it is working perfectly now, thank you again, i waited two day to chk the stability of the VM, and it is perfect. hope arista team will add KVM virtualization in there list some time, it is working for past three years in proxmox.


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            I tried this and it doesn't appear anything is happening. I download the package and run the install dpkg -i liburing1_0.7-3_amd64.deb​​

            But the following dpkg -l |grep qemu returns no results.

            Am I missing something in between these steps? Appreciate in advance.