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Upgrade to a specific build?

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  • Upgrade to a specific build?

    Is it possible to upgrade the NG firewall to a specific build? I'm currently running 16.5.0 and would like to upgrade to 16.5.2 to alleviate ETM dashboard connectivity issue, but am looking to avoid 16.6 as I'm running an X550 card that has driver incompatibility with 16.6. Can this be done through SSH, or am I stuck having to reinstall the whole thing? Thanks!

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    Unfortunately it is not possible to upgrade to the release you choose. A new install with the specific version ISO is possible, then use backup/restore to bring up the version desired.
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      Thanks for the reply...I figured as much. Was hesitant to do the backup/restore route as it didn't go well last time (settings were lost), but I was also using a backup of a newer build and trying to apply it to an older one. Should be easier this time. Thanks!


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        Backup files aren't backward-compatible, unfortunately. They're only able to be restored to the version they were drawn on and one minor version forward (i.e., 16.5 to 16.6).
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