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Can't reach VLAN across IPsec VPN

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  • Can't reach VLAN across IPsec VPN

    We just opened a new remote office and are currently configured like the attached diagram.

    The IP phones (192.168.35.x) at the new office are not able to talk with the IPX at on the 11 vlan at the main office. And yes, the devices at the main office on the primary 211 network are able to talk with all devices on the 35 network.

    Using our 2nd WAN (not pictured, if I set up a 2nd IPsec connection directly from 11 (phone) network to 35 (new office) network then the IP phones can talk with the IPX without any issue. But this is not a long term solution because that 2nd WAN is going away.

    On Untangle at the main office, I already have bypass rules set for both to and from the IPX.

    What am I missing?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Post your IPsec config. Is the network in both of your IPsec configs?
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