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IPSec VLAN Issues after upgrade to 16.6.2

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  • IPSec VLAN Issues after upgrade to 16.6.2

    Hi, we have a few devices that have upgrade to 16.6.2 over the last few days, whilst they are generally working ok we have a werid IPSec site to site VPN issue now. The device in question is a Z4, 4 different site to site VPNs on it all setup to other UT devices and all working fine on the previous firmware. The site to site VPNs are all up and show connected but the traffic is not passing over them anymore, I can go from the site to the remote site ok but the remote site cannot go the site anymore. The network being passed across the IPSec VPN is a VLAN but everything is defined correctly from what I can see. Any ideas on where to go looking for answers to resolve this? So far I've tried:
    • Turning off the IPSec app on the site in question, waiting few mins then enabling it again
    • Delete one of the site to site tunnels on each end and re-creating it but get the same behaviour