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Host count=0 after Upgrade to 16.6.2

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  • Host count=0 after Upgrade to 16.6.2

    Hi, this morning our appliance upgraded to the latest 16.6.2. The appliance active host count is 0 now, and it will not let anyone connect. Has anyone seen this behavior? Is there a way to do an Untangle downgrade back to 16.5? I already tried to restore from a backup which did not help. Thanks.

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    Well, I had to rebuild a new instance of 16.5 and restored my config. I have no idea what went wrong during the 16.6.2 upgrade, but I will just leave that appliance offline. Perhaps support might be able to figure it out. For now, I'm keeping my other appliance stopped at 16.5 and no upgrades.


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      I have had similar issues with 16.6.2. Mine sees the local hosts and I can see the received packets in a packet capture, but I can't ping any of the local hosts from the FW or access anything beyond the firewall. Make sure you go back in and disable the automatic upgrade which seems to be enabled by default or else you will find yourself back in this position later. After several attempts when onsite several weeks ago, I must have failed to disable that after finally giving up on 16.6.2 and leaving it on 16.5.2. It did an auto upgrade last night and now it is down. I am trying to find a remote downgrade option or see if I have someone stand at the screen when it reboots if they can select the previous version. I am wondering if I need to replace the NIC card. My system at my house had no issues with 16.6.2, but this one at a family members house is not liking it.