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Network Layout Widget on Dashboard

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  • Network Layout Widget on Dashboard

    While this is somewhat network related, the question really is around the Network Layout dashboard widget. If the poste should be moved, please do so or let me know.

    I have setup multiple physical interfaces as well a muiltiple tagged interfaces. I noticed on the dashboard that it breaks out both physical and tagged VLAN interfaces. While this may be helpful in certain use cases, is it possible to consolidate the widget to only show Physical interfaces? when you have multiple tagged VLANs, it makes the widget unusable as you have to scroll far right (looks like the widget is locked to a certain size??).

    Thank you

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    Sadly, that particular widget is not configurable; it just displays any and all enabled interfaces (even if there's no traffic passing on them).

    I'll mention it to our engineering team so they can take a look at the scaling issue.
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