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Drop specific client on OpenVPN

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  • Drop specific client on OpenVPN

    Hi All,

    is it possible to drop just some specific user when connected ?
    so for example, i have user A, B and C connected via OpenVPN..
    I want to drop just B and C but keep A.
    How can i do that ?

    thx !

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    There's no option to just disconnect a connected remote client.

    You could try disabling the client you want to disconnect in OpenVPN > Server > Remote Clients, but I don't think that will force the client to disconnect immediately; it'll just prevent it from connecting in the future.
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      The only way to punt a client off OpenVPN is to disable that client, and then power cycle the OpenVPN module. That forces EVERYONE out, but because it's UDP based most users will just reconnect silently... that is except the disabled user. It is disruptive, but it's how the module works.
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