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Multiple network under IPSec

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  • Multiple network under IPSec

    Hi All,

    This is how one of my network is setup:
    Location A:
    internal lan:
    internal wifi:
    test lan: 192.168.10/24

    Location B:
    internal lan:

    there is an active IPSec Tunnel between locaton A and B, using internal lan on both sides.
    From location B i can only ping internal lan and not internal wifi or test lan.
    On the IPsec Tunnel i can only specify one network.

    How do i make all networks in location A available from location B ?

    thx !

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    there is an IPSec tunnel between Location A and Location B, specifically using the internal LAN on both sides. However, only the internal LAN is accessible from Location B, while the internal WiFi and test LAN are not reachable. The IPSec tunnel allows for specifying only one network.

    To make all networks in Location A available from Location B, you have a few options:
    1. Expand IPSec configuration: If your IPSec solution allows it, you can modify the IPSec configuration to include additional networks. This would involve updating the IPSec tunnel configuration on both sides to encompass the internal WiFi ( and test LAN ( as well.
    2. Implement a site-to-site VPN: Instead of relying solely on IPSec, you can set up a site-to-site VPN between Location A and Location B. This would involve deploying VPN devices or software on both ends to establish a secure connection. With a site-to-site VPN, you can typically configure routing to include multiple networks, allowing access to all networks in Location A from Location B.
    3. Network address translation (NAT): If modifying the IPSec configuration or implementing a site-to-site VPN is not feasible, you can explore the option of using network address translation. This involves setting up NAT rules at Location A to translate traffic from the internal WiFi and test LAN to the internal LAN before sending it through the IPSec tunnel. This way, Location B will see the translated traffic as part of the internal LAN network.

    Consider the specific capabilities tutuapp showbox and configurations of your network equipment and IPSec solution to determine which approach is most suitable for your setup. It may also be helpful to consult with your network administrator or IT support for further assistance in implementing the chosen solution.
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      thx i will try to work on the NAT side or vpn tunnel.