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IP Passthrough on Verizon 5g Home Internet

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  • IP Passthrough on Verizon 5g Home Internet

    I have started using Verizon 5g Home Internet. Dumped TMobile and Spectrum. I was doing Wan Failover and Wan Balancing.

    I currently have Untangle connected via DMZ in the cube.

    There is an option in the setup of the cube to allow ip passthrough. It is my understanding that all packets that come to the wan ip address of the cube would get passed on to Untangle.

    How do I setup Untangle to handle this ip passthrough wan traffic? A fly in the ointment is that the ip address of the cube could change daily or on reboot of the cube.

    Anyone have experience with this?

    With DMZ you set the Untangle wan ip to a static address, in my case, and set the address in the cube DMZ setup.

    Thanks for any help you untangle gurus can provide.


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    Just set the WAN interface address type to 'Auto (DHCP)'.
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    It'll get whatever IP address is assigned to the Verizon device.​
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      Does Untangle detect when the ip address changes and request a new address and lease? How does it do that?

      It is currently getting handed I have DDNS solution in place from and that works.

      Can Address Override be a domain name?

      Sorry to be so dense. This is kind of a chicken and egg thing.
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        When the WAN is set to DHCP like this, it just asks the next device in line for the appropriate IP address. When that device is in passthrough/transparent/bridge mode, it just hands off its own. So you're getting your 75.251.y.x IP directly from your ISP device, since it knows it's just terminating the data signal and not actually acting as a router. As for when it renews, that's up to the device that provides its lease. Most ISP devices use a very short lease in this case, to account for potential changes.

        Address Override is an IP address only. That's used to specify a different IP address than you're receiving, so it's exceptionally rare that you'd actually use it when configured for DHCP on your WAN. If you're trying to give the NG Firewall a hostname/URL that'll resolve on the internet, you'd set that up in Config > Network > Hostname. As you're already using DDNS, that service should be updating the external DNS resolution, while the NG Firewall just reports up to DDNS any time its own WAN IP changes.
        Græme Ravenscroft • Technical Marketing Engineer
        ('gram', like the unit of measurement)
        How can we make Arista ETM products better?


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          So what you are saying is that the isp, VZ in this case, is the DHCP server for the 5g gateway. DHCP lease requests from Untangle get passed upstream through the gateway to VZ to handle.

          If the isp lease expires or the connection is lost, when connection is made again a new lease is requested?


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            Using Untangle as my router behind the cube. I have tried normal and DMZ. They work but the cube disconnects and reconnects every 4 hours and 12 minutes.

            I have just tried passthrough mode. It works but when it disconnects, on reconnect the ip address has changed and dhcp doesn’t doesn’t get triggered to get the new ip.

            I can go into the Untangle wan setting and force dhcp to run.

            Things work well for several hours and the cycle repeats.

            My license is the Home Pro, so I can have wan failover.

            Can someone offer some suggestions?