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Unable to add this appliance.

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  • Unable to add this appliance.

    Hi, I have recently bought complete NG Firewall subscription. Software is already installed on my local network. I am now trying to connect ETM with my local copy of NG using UID.

    When I go to Add Appliance to Account then I keep getting this error message.

    Unable to add this appliance. If it already belongs to another organization, it must be removed from its current organization before it can be added to this one.

    Can someone please help me?


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    Since you have a subscription, I would open a support ticket.

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      A subscribed device must be registered to an Arista account. You cannot have a device in more than 1 account. You're trying to add an already assigned and managed device to another account... the answer is no. Opening a ticket and proving you own the thing will get you started on the path of fixing this. But what you really need to do is find the correct Command Center account.
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        Thank you both for your kind feedback. Much appreciated.