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Custom Captive Portal and Restore Backup

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  • Custom Captive Portal and Restore Backup

    Just a heads up I updated the hardware of my Untangle NGFW this weekend and used the restore option by uploading a local backup from the old device. Both are running 16.6.2. Everything seemed to work fine except the Captive Portal custom page zip file was not part of the backup. I did have a copy of the zip file from when I created it and had to manually upload it.

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    If the captive portal zip has python scripting, it will probably not work since Debian Bullseye (new in 16.6.2) forces python3 which has many changes in python.
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      Once I uploaded my old zip file it started working again. Yep I noticed that everything in Bullseye is Python 3. I learned my lessons when I did a few Pi upgrades to 64 bit Bullseye.