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Web filter not allowing facebook access.

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  • Web filter not allowing facebook access.

    Hello everyone, I am having a strange moment.

    Just started configuring Web Filters first time so very early stages of learning for me.

    I am adding facebook in my Pass sites (managing via policy manager for certain batch of PCs), when I enter on the actual PC, it loads partially as if CSS is broken or just header is loaded. . I have tried many things like, facebook.*, *facebook* and similar but it does not load properly.

    Can anyone make a suggestion for me? This is not the case with other sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram etc. I must be doing something fundamentally wrong with facebook URL.

    Assad ​

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    Welcome to the modern web. Loading one page like may now send several hundred separate network requests in order to fully render the page, and not all of them will go to the domain. Each separate request is it's own session that the filter must separately decide "yes" or "no", and at the gateway where Untangle sits there's nothing to tie these separate sessions together. This is why most web http filters have a default allow policy now: you can't just block all uncategorized content any more.
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      There will be multiple domains for one page of I'm guessing you have a very restrictive webfilter rules.
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