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replacing shophos UTM 9 with Untangle

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  • replacing shophos UTM 9 with Untangle


    i am a shophos home user with a bigger family and some hobby stuff (web and Mailserver) behind that UTM9.
    i am using an intel I350-t4 gigabit network​ controller.
    with 4- 1GB Ports

    1 internal Lan
    2 DMZ
    3 German Telekom DSL WAN > for my /28 public IPs mail and webserver, SSL and stuff
    4 EON 1 GBit Fibre for Internal Lan

    i am using Webprotection, DNS, DHCP, NAT, VOIP, Intrusion Prevention,Wireless Protection with Shophos APs.

    is there a chance to have that with the untangle, because the UTM9 is announced EOL.

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    I am surprised nobody from sales answered your question. LOL I think it will do what you want but the way to find out is run the 30 day trial. If you are still around


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      Yepp, running the trial is key. Everyone has a unique setup.

      I, too have a quad-gig NIC:

      WAN1 - FTTH (Primary)
      WAN2 - 4G/LTE (Failover)
      LAN1 - Goes to an L-3 switch where all my VLANs live
      LAN2 - Goes to a dedicated OpenVPN router then to another VLAN on the L-3 switch (this allows anyone on this VLAN access to geo-locked services)

      The box has a 5th, onboard GbE port that is unused, but suffice to say that all 5 NICs are detected by UT/Arista.


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        Originally posted by fw114 View Post
        is there a chance to have that with the untangle
        Here's everything included in our Home-tier subscriptions. Looks like we can do everything you want!
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          Thanks for the infos. i will download the trail and see what happens


          after a quick install i can tell, that arista will not replace the UTM.

          not a big fan of all this permanent online stuff and i can't use the product without any online connection.
          remote controll if necessary,yes sure, but not like it's done here.

          Leaves me with a strange feeling, that i am not in control of my device at all.

          so Arista is out.
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            Just leave the internet connection out until it is setup.


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              I'd install Sophos XG Home if you're not a fan. I'm not a Untangle user these days tbh

              still got a license which I’m considering using for a family member in between looking at Opnsense
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