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  • UI is hanging on login

    I updated my Report mail settings, and now the entire UI is hung. I changed my email server to gmail, and added a 16 character password.

    I gave up and killed my browser after waiting for 20 minutes. Now the login screen comes up quickly, but after that, all I see is "ARISTA" in the middle of a black screen.

    Same thing happens when I login from the console.

    What can I kill from a terminal to get this back? It seems to be passing packets in an OK manner, as I still have an internet connection through it.

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    Well it finally came back after 15 minutes. So I tried to send a test mail and the following occurred. How can I fix this?
    Click image for larger version

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      Further spelunking shows a number of files under /var/spool/exim that match that filename. Also, every time I make a change to the mail config and it hangs for so long, ps tells me that a zshell script has started and it called "ut-restart-exim" which started 3 instances of "exim4".

      Should I delete all the files in those exim4 spool directories? (msglog & input)


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        Unfortunately running random commands on the CLI will generally do more harm than good.

        Click image for larger version

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          I'm getting closer to having this working again. Now when I send a test mail, it lists 4 different ipv6 addresses and tells me that they are unreachable. I of course, do not have ipv6.


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            The mail server is, which I can ping, and it resolves to an ipv4 address. So how can I make untangle understand that ipv4 is the only thing I have?


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              dumbazz untangle report system
              This looks like a bug to me. What is the priority on fixing bugs in Reports? The whole sending of reports has been a failure.
              I'm becoming more frustrated all the time with the quality of UT. I expect this quality in open source, not when I pay.


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                I figured it out. There is an exim setting to disable ipv6.
                Rather interesting- a misconfiguration of exim4 will cause the whole machine UI to slow down. I have a 24-core XEON server and it slowed that down just as if it was a 4 core ARM.
                Moral is- beware of settings for the email subsystem.