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Automatic upgrade to 16.6 breaks Lan

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  • Automatic upgrade to 16.6 breaks Lan

    Just got the call from client that they cannot access Internet, Untangle is available in dashboard but no Lan devices can communicate with it. Found another post with same issue
    Untangle down after upgrade - Edge Threat Management Forums - Arista

    I have tried to restore from yesterday's backup, but the device still shows it is on 16.6. I have contacted support, but we have not heard back yet. Any ideas on what can be done to fix this remotely? We are 2 hours away.

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    Support was able to fix it for me. In case anyone else has this issue, this is what they had to do.

    I found some conflicting routes in the route table from IPSec that was causing the issue, I uninstalled the IPSec and removed those routes. It is not the misconfiguration on your part but it is a software issue that we have seen it few times in 16.6.2.


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      Can you share the hardware that had the issue?