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WAN DHCP Client Operation

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  • WAN DHCP Client Operation

    What happens if the WAN device just goes quiet, unresponsive?

    i have the Verizon ASK cube. There are issues with it disconnecting and reconnecting every 4 hours 12 minutes like clockwork when connected normally or in DMZ mode. I have the option of using IP pass through. This effectively makes it a modem and not a router. The problem is after about 3 hours things go quiet. I can go into the Untangle config network wan and click renew dhcp lease and after maybe 10 seconds it gets a new ip. If I click save we are back to running again for about another 3 hours.

    Any way to work around this? I have a Home Pro license so the testing in Wan Failover is there, I just need it to get it to renew the lease.

    Thanks for any help.