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  • OpenVPN site 2 site download

    I'm trying to test out OpenVPN site 2 site. I followed the wiki but I can't seem to be able to download the clients. It just tells me "Your VPN Client could not be downloaded from the server. Please try again."

    3 test sites.
    All have static IP's
    all have registered DNS names
    Only Router and OpenVPN services are turned on.


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    I assume thats in response to the email that was sent to you, so is the URL for the download a legitimate one? Was there any change to the VPN config after you sent out the link for the client (possibly making the client invalid)? Have you fallen into the public vs. private IP address hole? There's also a post dedicated to this topic in the TIP OF THE DAY section since so many people have problems in this area. People who do this often still run into problems. Ugh!


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      All the boxes sit right on the internet. I looked at the Tip of the day but that looked like it was for bridged mode sitting behind a router, unless there is another tip of that day that I missed.


      I found the post you reffered to.
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        We've the tunnels up with an untangle server configured as a client and an untangle server configured as a server. I've exported the internal ip addresses range of the untangle server, however, it seems that there is a routing problem routing between servers..... I can ping on public, but not on the 172.16.16.x ip's... any clues?


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          you may not be able to ping the virtual ip. however, pinging the internal ip of hosts on either site should work.