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Site to Site OpenVPN with Untangle

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  • Site to Site OpenVPN with Untangle

    Dear Friends,

    Can Anyone help me with examples or links where i can setup an Untangle Box with OpenVPN Site to site Connection. Please refer to me with an example in which mentioning the IP Addressed and the Untangle Box running in bridge mode that is between my router and switch.

    And I havent enabled the Untangle Box Router Feature. And I dont want to Also.

    thanks in advance for any help
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    Routing makes confused.

    Can Any one help me with Routing Also while doing a VPN Site to Site?

    thanks in advance


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      One of the really cool things about the forums is the ability to search for answers. You usually don't have to wait for answers.


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        where is that option to search for the answers ????


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          Right below the horizontal green bar, there's another smaller green bar that has SEARCH in it. Click there and you can put in your search criteria. You can also select ADVANCED SEARCH and put it additional criteria as well. If you're using IE 7, the search can only be properly accessed by going to the top level (Untangle Forums) or next level down (Untangle Technical Forums). Otherwise, the search window will open but you can't access it. Also, when searching, anything else than a four-character search string doesn't work.


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            why there is no option to see what are my posts in this forum. i just want to see only my posts filtered. is there any option?



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              Go to your user profile. And click on all posts made by you