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Win Term Server thru SSL/VPN?

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  • wmax
    I could really use use this feature. I have the RAP server at home and need remote access from work for personal needs. My employer has a web proxy which only allows port 443 out. RAP within an SSL tunnel would solve my need. OpenVPN would not do. Connecting my employer's network with my home network would get me fired. That is, network-to-network connection is not ok but application-to-application connection is ok.

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  • gotkimchi

    Since we offer the Remote Access Portal (RAP), many customer do not use the Windows Terminal Server. The reason being, you need to pay for the license if you use the Windows Terminal Server.

    But to answer you question, you can put our device in front of the Windows Terminal Server to block all the "bad" stuff like viruses, spyware, SPAM, and etc.


    Tony Chon

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  • dmorris
    Maybe someone will jump on and talk about how they use it.
    I know a couple users use it purely for Remote Access Portal so they can support their customers. They setup the portal with a RDP bookmark to each machine and do remote desktop from there.

    You could do the same thing with your Terminal Server.

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  • oldhat
    started a topic Win Term Server thru SSL/VPN?

    Win Term Server thru SSL/VPN?


    I'm looking to add a layer of security to my Windows Terminal Server. I don't see a lot of documentation for this. Faq's, walk-thru's, personal experience, etc?

    I'm thinking of using the Untangle box as a SSL gateway for my TS users, and all their RDP sessions will tunnel through nice and encrypted.

    Any takers?