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Untangle as Client to an non-untangle Openvpn Server

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  • Untangle as Client to an non-untangle Openvpn Server

    If it has been answered before I apologize but I have been unable to find an answer.

    I would like to use an Untangle server to connect to a openvpn server at another location. but when I configure Openvpn client on Untangle it wants the Server Key file, either by grabbing it from the SERVER or via uploading a that contains the Key. But what do I do when the server is not an Untangle server? Do I just get the server key and put it in a file and upload that? are there any other files that should be in that zip? Usually with a regular openvpn server I would have 3 different Keys and and configuration file. Arethere any proper guides for this type of configuration?

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    Yeah, you'll have to make your own in the same manner a normal untangle server does.
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      thats fine, but what goes in the zip? I have experience setting up normal openvpn clients. but not clients for untangle. I cant find anywhere what is even in the zip file.


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        untangle-vpn folder
        inside this folder
        untangle-vpn (folder) inside this folder contains 3 files 2 crts and 1 key
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