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OpenVPN search domain resolved. Here how.

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  • OpenVPN search domain resolved. Here how.

    In order to get the search domain past to te client a change must be made to the /etc/penvpn/server.conf file. The problem is that untangle is constantly rewriting this file on any change to the vpn. The command that passes the search domain is

    push "dhcp-option DOMAIN your.domain"

    This needs to be inserted with the other nerwork exports. To make the change sticky add this line to the openvpn start up script usr/share/untangle/openvpn/start-openvpn

    insert this line

    sed -i -e 's@# Exports@# Exports\npush "dhcp-option DOMAIN your.domain"@' /etc/openvpn/server.conf

    right after

    echo "Starting the openvpn server"

    The OpenVPN is working great now. This setting really should be made available from the gui.

    Thanks I hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the very informative and helpful post. Pushing the search domain is important for us as well. I hope that this is rolled into the main GUI.
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      I STILL have to do this after every untangle update. (Just updated to 7.1.1 this weekend).

      I have the correct domain name in Configuration -> Networking -> Hostname but it still doesn't push the DNS suffix, which basically stops about 80 people from getting to our intranet website. A bit of a headache. The fix is quick and easy now, but I still get tons of people telling me about, and it takes longer to answer everyone than to fix the problem.

      Any thoughts on what I should be looking at?

      Just for giggles I retyped the hostname and resaved, maybe it was a configuration file snafu that might be resolved by rewriting it? *shrug*