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  • OpenVPN GUI for the USER...

    hey everyone! I've installed a few Untangle boxes at some client locations and talked to them about the ease of use of VPN and how they can simply use it to log into their computer using remote desktop and that it will be secure and blah blah blah...

    Well... You'd think simply sending them the VPN email and telling them to download it from their home or mobile computer and installing it would be an A+ way to go. Then give them the address and a quick how-to on remote desktop connection. Well, that's what I thought anyway, and I was severely mistaken. There seems to be problem after problem.

    So... I'm thinking back to some checkpoint devices that I have used in the past. All the user had to do was log into a management console and pick their computer and then it would automatically remote desktop in... no downloading or installing necessary. This seems like a great way so then the user only has to have one account on the device, rather than downloading and installing on several computers and having to worry about if the program is running. I also used this with the Windows Small Business Server web page... same concept. My plight to you guys, is there anyone who has set up something straight on the Untangle box that could do this exact thing? We give people three pieces of info... Address, Username and Password. Then all they have to do is log in and then click on their name.

    If you did this, how did you go about doing it? I wish I knew linux more... I need to take some classes I reckon.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for anyone who provides some insight to this. It sure would be helpful!

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    Yes, the Remote Access Portal does this. You can setup the bookmarks for RDP, VNC, file server, and etc. Currently, there is a bug on this, only certain versions of Java will work.

    More info on the Remote Access Portal:
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